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Sunriver Botanicals Testimonials

“Being a retired Navy SEAL and 100% service-disabled veteran, I deal with a laundry list of health issues. About 5 years ago I decided to try CBD products for various aches and pains but mainly for anxiety and help sleeping. After a dozen brands and hundreds of wasted dollars I never noticed any difference in my symptoms. Then in early 2018, I met Nick Carpol and he introduced me to his products. I was really skeptical because I’ve tried so many in the past, I had given up on CBD. Well, I’ve been using his CBD ever since. Sunriver Botanicals is the only brand that has worked for me; I highly recommend them – in fact their CBD oil won my 2018 “Best Product of the Year” award. It’s also the only product to receive a 10 out of 10 in my reviews for both product quality and customer service response.”

Chris Sajnog (Retired Navy SEAL Instructor), CA

Sunriver Botanicals Testimonials

“I have been ordering CBD oil from Nick for my son since early 2017. CBD has been great for my 8-year-old who has autism and epilepsy. When he becomes anxious, CBD completely calms and relaxes him. He doesn’t mind the taste and I’ve never seen any negative side effects. I love that it is natural and effective.

I heard about the benefits of CBD oil for years, and as my son was sensitive, I wasn’t going to order any until I was 100% sure that it was pure, natural, and safe CBD oil. When I first contacted Nick, he patiently answered all of my questions and explained to me what he does and about the whole CBD process. He was so knowledgeable, kind, and informative, and I was so excited to finally trust someone enough to order CBD for my son.

Any time I have a question, I know that I can reach out to Nick, and he is always incredibly helpful. If anyone has been nervous to order CBD because you haven’t found the right person or place to order from, I HIGHLY recommend Nick and Sunriver Botanicals. He is a fantastic person who truly wants to make you healthier. Thank you so much Nick for everything! You have truly helped my son, and we will continue ordering from you until you stop making CBD oil! :)”

Evelyn B., NY

Sunriver Botanicals Testimonials

“In early 2016, my 84-year-old mother was struggling with the decision to either have knee replacement surgery or continue the twice-yearly cortisone shots, which were no longer keeping her pain-free for more than a couple of months. At that time, only medical marijuana was available and she did not want the mind-altering effect.

Imagine my excitement to find Nick, whose emphasis was “on your health, not your high”! Nick listened to our need, made some recommendations, and my mother’s been pain-free ever since!

Nick always answers my calls and happily answers my questions. We are so grateful for his high quality products and his professionalism.

Thanks, Nick!”

Nancy S., OR

Sunriver Botanicals Testimonials

“I’ve been a client of Nick’s since 2016. I have tried other CBD and have never gotten the same quality or even close to what he offers. The quality is impeccable. I have a lot of issues and it helps with all of them.

He is so easy to deal with and has answered any questions I have had quickly! I will never use another company. Thanks for everything!”

Melanie D., CA

Sunriver Botanicals Testimonials

“When someone you love is in pain, you feel it. When someone you love is anxious, frightened and stressed, you feel it. This was what I experienced as my wife moved through the final months of her life. Friends and family tried to help. It was my son who actually recommended CBD. Being against drugs I was reluctant to try it, either for her or for myself. But not much else had worked.

I contacted Nick and had a long in-depth conversation about CBD and the benefits. The knowledge was impressive, the caring heart-warming. He knew his stuff and really cared about us both.

My wife and I began using the product. Questions arose and were answered promptly. The results made both our lives easier, less stressful. The benefits to us were clear. Not only had we found something that helped us both, we had found someone intelligent whose expertise went way beyond his product. He was there for us, not just the sale, but for us. And that Sunriver Botanicals medicine was incredible also.”

William P., OR

Sunriver Botanicals Testimonials

“I have been a customer since early 2018 when my son suggested I try CBD Oil for back and sleep issues. Your products are outstanding, fairly priced and have done me a world of good. Additionally, you have been very prompt with customer service and delivery.

I look forward to continuing with you as a customer for a long time to come.”

Justin D., CA


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