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To improve the quality of lives with our premium wellness products, where customer care is keystone.

Hello, I’m Nick Carpol and so glad you’re here.

In 2009, I learned CBD could possibly be the true medical cannabis to profoundly help people.  I also learned that it wasn’t being grown because there was no market value for something that didn’t give a high.  I was compelled to do something.

After formulating my first tinctures and salves, I had the opportunity to work with groups of families willing to try CBD as a treatment.  The experience reinforced my passion to help families and individuals improve their health and the quality of their lives.

About Sunriver Botanicals
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In these 10 years, the wellness journeys of those pioneering families and the thousands since have stayed with me. And so, I dedicate this website to them, and to you.  With this website launch, I hope to share more of your stories.

While we have grower and processor beginnings, today our premium tinctures and salves are made from plants grown in the Colorado Rockies and Oregon. Our partner farmers and processors share the same goal to help others and, using organic growth practices, provide the highest quality hand-harvested CBD hemp and extracts.

Sunriver Botanicals CBD Products

A few years ago, in one of many conversations with customers about CBD (free individual consultations continue to be our mainstay), I ran across a keen researcher of wellness products.  After years of using CBD products and preferring mine, she introduced me in early 2019 to her husband and now my current business partner, Ted Moore.

Ted Moore shares my passion to improve lives, to produce the highest quality products, and always with an unwavering focus on customer care. He has owned a real estate development company for over forty years, and founded a groundwater resources company and an energy storage company.

Together with our wives, Sunriver Botanicals was born. I have the good fortune to live and raise a young family in Central Oregon.  While it’s tempting to keep the small Sunriver community a secret a little bit longer, its vistas and surrounding areas are too irresistible not to share.

With our CBD experience and knowledge, we look forward to following your wellness journey and success.

Be well!


Sunriver Botanicals

Proud Supporter of The Navy Seal Foundation

P.S. Along the way, I’ve had the honor to serve those who have served our country. In celebrating our 10th anniversary, we are proudly donating 10% of our gross sales to the Navy SEAL Foundation.